The Azzurro Vision
To be the leading provider of liquidity solutions to the commercial and specific niche consumer credit markets. By delivering fair value, and a compliant process, we will build strong partnerships with the creditor community and trust within our customer base.

Our guiding principles

We will be an open and transparent counterparty for all.
We will employ a data-driven approach to collections, ensuring segmented strategies are applied in the right situations.
We will employ a fair and balanced approach to collections, employing all forbearance tools where practical.
We will work with our customers to achieve the right outcomes in a sustainable and timely way.
We will be a trusted custodian of our partner creditors receivables.

How we work

We work with a small network of professional, experienced and trusted third-party servicing companies who manage customer relationships on our behalf.

Our servicing partners work closely with customers to ensure an appropriate solution is found to manage their account. As a dynamic, data-driven organisation, we can provide flexibility in the solutions we offer to both customer and clients.

Our history

Azzurro Associates was formed in 2017 by Andrew Birkwood, previously Chief Investment Officer of debt purchaser, Arrow Global.

While the focus of the debt purchasing market was, and largely remains on, personal debt, Andrew saw a need for the provision of liquidity to the commercial debt sector.

Azzurro was created to make a difference to the way the commercial and niche consumer credit industries operate. Drawn from highly successful international corporations, the Azzurro management team bring valuable experience in the analysis and management of credit impaired receivables, data management and data security.

Backed by the resources of a global finance house, Azzurro are in the enviable position of being able to carefully select the right partnerships and customers to meet our
vision and guiding principles.